2019 Student Volunteer Program - Application

General Information

(include city, state and zip)
Primary Phone:
Parent/Guardian Phone:
Do you have a parent or guardian who works here?
If yes, where?
Email address:
(Preferably not school email address unless you check that during the summer)

School Information

Name of High School or College:
Current year in high school:
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Health and Interests

Is there any type of work which your health or physical condition prohibits - or have you ever been advised by a physician to not perform certain types of work or recreation? If yes, please explain:
What are your hobbies, interests and skills?
Are there large sections of time you will not be able to volunteer (camp, vacation, etc.)? If yes, please list.
In general, which days of the week and times of day (am, pm, evening) would you be available to volunteer?
Attendance at Student Volunteer Orientation is required.
I will attend the Tuesday May 28 Orientation from 9:30am to Noon.
I will attend the Monday, June 3 Orientation from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.
If the orientation session you've chosen fills up, would you be able to attend the other session? Yes No
If unable to attend either orientation, please apply another year.


We require two character/performance references using the form found here.

*For complete guidelines, click here

Upon our receipt of your application, you will receive a link to use to schedule an interview.

* YOU MUST bring sealed references with you to your interview.